652 N. Buckton Rd., Middletown, VA 22645 ~ (231) 392-9350

652 N. Buckton Rd., Middletown, VA 22645 ~ (231) 392-9350

652 N. Buckton Rd., Middletown, VA 22645 ~ (231) 392-9350652 N. Buckton Rd., Middletown, VA 22645 ~ (231) 392-9350652 N. Buckton Rd., Middletown, VA 22645 ~ (231) 392-9350

Thorndale Farm History

Archie Belle Larrick (1861-1953)

A discussion of Thorndale Farm history would not be complete without understanding the Larrick family history. According to the Larrick Family Genealogy as compiled by David Larrick (1997):

"George Larrick, originally settled at York, Pennsylvania, but was lured south by the mild climate and fertile lands of Virginia. Taking up the trail through the Cumberland Valley which had been blazed by Jost Hite, he landed in what is now Frederick County. George Larrick having first settled near the present location of the town of Middletown on the lands of Lord Fairfax, without first having obtained the consent of his lordship, was subsequently subjected to a suit in ejectment instituted by the English Nobleman against the pioneer. The law suit evidently terminated in favor of Lord Fairfax. The lands that George Larrick settled upon were subsequently conveyed by Lord Fairfax to Captain John Larrick, a son of George, by several different deeds."

"Captain John Larrick (1726-1782) was the recipient of two land grants from Lord Fairfax, one dated before 1760, the other 9 August 1760. The two grants were known as "The Plantation," 400 acres, and "Green Hill Farm," 285 acres. He gave over Green Hill Farm to his son George, and The Plantation to his son John, effective 5 March 1773."

It is through the lineage of Captain Larrick’s son John that the “The Plantation,” later renamed Thorndale, passed. At the onset of the Civil War, Thorndale was being farmed by Archibald Bell Larrick (1820-1861) and his wife Harriet Eliza (Abbey) Larrick (1831-1909), who married in 1860. Tragically, Archibald died in 1861. The circumstances of his death are unknown at this time, but in October of the same year Harriet bore Archibald's daughter, Archie Belle Larrick (Image) (1861-1953) .

After Archibald’s death, Harriet and Archie Belle remained in the home. In 1867 Harriet married Joseph W. Nixon (1843-1925), a Confederate veteran who fought with the 13th Virginia Infantry Regiment. Mr. Nixon lived at Thorndale until his death in 1925. Being the "sole heir at law of her deceased father," Archie Belle retained possession of Thorndale from her birth until 1940, when she sold the property to Richard F. & Helen Hatcher. Over the years following Mr. Nixon's death at Thorndale, it's name faded into time. In 1966, Mr. Hatcher sold the property to Milton J. & Betty Jane Nixon, and in 1975 the property was purchased by Theodore J. & Althea Smith. In 2012, the property was purchased by Robert L. & Tracy Clark, and its name was restored.